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This is one of the more common errors that may occur when you try to update Windows 10 or 11. The best solution we found was to pause/block and defer this update for one or two weeks so that Microsoft can resolve the issue.

how to run windows registry

Windows 10 has a built-in troubleshooter that can help identify any problems. This can also reset the Windows Update app, which can help kickstart the installation.

It’s a text file with a .reg file extension, which is why you’ll also hear people call them REG files. Each one uses very little hard drive space, but the operating system still has to filters through all of them, which slows it down a bit. By cleaning the registry, you can get rid of those unwanted entries and make your system run a little bit faster. Below are the various list of registry keys that can start a program when Windows boots. I have tried to keep the keys in the exact order that they load. Keep in mind, that some of the keys are set to load at the same time, so it is possible that the order will change on each boot up.

Check your PC for malware

BlueScreenView automatically loads any previous minidumps and error codes on your system. We selected the duration as 24 hours, and level as Error, and filtered the logs. Event Viewer then listed the four Windows 11 error logs that were created during that time. But, it’s important to mention here that not all error logs will be as descriptive.

  • However, this command can only help you with system error codes, which are specific numerical values.
  • Say, you want to record the progress for a book that you are reading, just create a log file, and enter the number of pages you read each day, or as you may please.
  • Your new shortcut for the Registry Editor will appear on the desktop.
  • For a hardware issue, update the firmware or replace the component.
  • The motherboard firmware is different per manufacturer and per computer model.

When done, restart your PC and hopefully, the error will be fixed now. After copying and pasting the above script, go to the File menu and click on the Save as option. Now, you have to save this file with the .cmd file extension.

There’s a dumb prank that’s been floating around the Internet for a long time, where jokers try to trick people into deleting their System32 folder. You shouldn’t do this, since the System32 folder is important. If you actually did d3dcompiler_46.dll missing windows 8.1 delete your System32 folder, this would break your Windows operating system and you’d need to reinstall Windows to get it working properly again.

Implementing Proper Access Controls

Since the registry stores so much information, it can develop many complications. Over time, when the amount of data stored keeps increasing, working with the registry becomes slower for the other PC components. The Run box in Windows 10 is also known as the Run command, the Run dialog, and the Win + X command. You can use it to quickly jump to configurations and options buried deep in the massive maze of Windows settings. It is also a quick way to open certain apps and access some files whose location is known.

How can you identify a stop code when your laptop reboots? Whatever the cause, the Windows stop code is still accessible. This indicates a damaged page file; or disk or file corruption; or faulty hardware. The error will indicate the exact nature and the name of the damaged system file. You may have to use the Windows recovery Environment or a System Restore or Last Known Good Configuration to resolve this issue. The most likely cause is a hardware failure in a disk or disk controller. Check all physical connections to all hard disks in the system and run Check Disk.

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